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Owner's strongest motivation for running their businesses:

Satisfying Customers was the number one motivating desire owners reported in the survey. Want to increase your profitability without leaving a bad taste in your customer's mouths? Check out our most popular article so far, our guide to Increasing Check Size without Being A Jerk

The areas they were most interested in improving for 2018:

Increasing Customer Traffic was the biggest opportunity to improve among respondents. We've got a couple of great articles about growing your business, including this recently published one. 

Owners #1 Challenge for 2018:

Improving employee training. Marketing was a close second. We'll have a bunch of articles surrounding training coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out our 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing (and How to Avoid Them) here. 

Most wished for equipment: 

It's the Combination Oven. No bones about this one. We agree wholeheartedly. 

Category owners thought was the most important to source from local suppliers: 

Produce was the one category respondents felt was most important to source locally. With ChefHero, all of our supplier partners we work with are local, just one of the benefits to working with our managed marketplace. Check out our blog for market updates and produce news every two weeks (or less!) 

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