ChefHero’s Launching a New Website!

Same ChefHero, fancy new label 😎

Our Heroes have been hard at work making vital improvements to the ChefHero website. Complete all the same restaurant operations as before, with newly added resources for both customers and suppliers! Take a sneak peek at our updates below, and visit us at

ChefHero Website Sneak Peek


We Love our Customers and They Love us Back!

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That’s why we’ve made sure to keep the same ChefHero you know and love, with a host of added features making it even easier to complete your restaurant operations.

  1. Easily pay and track invoices, collaborate on orders with your sous chef or team, view live-updated prices and products from a variety suppliers, all in addition to ordering local and imported wholesale restaurant supplies in one easy and convenient location. To log in to your account, simply click the ‘Login” button in the top right corner.

  2. Our website is now a one-stop shop! In addition to ordering everything your business needs to complete a successful service, you can now view chef and customer resources, market updates, case studies, and informative blog posts directly from our website! Get a sneak peek at what’s to come below.



We Work Better Together

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For Suppliers wishing to partner with ChefHero, it’s now easier than ever to join our team. Learn more about ChefHero and schedule a meeting with our Supplier Acquisition team directly from our ‘Suppliers’ home page. Usher your business into the 21st century with a digitally recreated product list, reaching hundreds of prospective clients each and every day! Extend your sales force and let ChefHero take care of the customer service so you can focus on what’s really important.

Take a look at what other suppliers have to say about us; we’re proud of the opportunities we’ve been able to provide for our suppliers!


We’re Growing Quickly!

At ChefHero, we aim to deliver the world’s most trusted wholesale food network. This means providing and exceptional level of service to both our customers and suppliers, always going above and beyond their expectations. This also means we work hard but play even harder, with our core values always being top priority. Values such as diversity, inclusivity, and an emphasis on growth provides a conducive environment for our team to flourish! Take the time you need with parental and sick leaves, and know we got your back with full health and dental benefits.

If you’re interested in helping solve the global food supply chain crises, take a look at our open positions on our website.

Get a Sneak Peek of What’s to Come

Market Update examples

Market Updates

Case Studies

Case Studies

Organic picks, Local & Seasonal buying guides, How-to guides, + more!

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