Feature Update: Introducing Member Roles

A simple, one-click way to entrust your staff with ordering responsibilities!

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Purchasing can become a constant daily activity, and is often handled by a restaurant’s staff or management. Owners are often not present at the location to receive orders, but would like additional capabilities to confirm an order before placing it. In addition, restaurants and businesses have multiple staff with differing levels of accountability.

"I think as far as accessibility for staff to have to ordering, I would definitely like them to take inventory or fill out an order shift regularly, but obviously have limited or no access to actually ordering the products. I think a supervisor or manager should always oversee the stock and then submit the order.”

Owner of a multi-unit Toronto restaurant chain

We’ve heard you!

To help, ChefHero is proud to introduce ‘Member Roles’, A simple, one-click way to entrust your staff with ordering responsibilities - without giving out the 'Keys to the Castle'!

Now, multiple users can easily join the ChefHero platform under one singular account.


New Feature Changes:

1. Set it and Forget it:

For our existing users, no previous functionality has changed. After a quick initial setup of your organization’s member roles, this brand new feature will seamlessly execute pre-set permissions to expedite your existing ordering process!

ChefHero  How to Add a Member

2. Staff Empowered:

Now staff are able to assist with several ordering services, but are unable to make payments or view invoices. Empower your staff to order what they need, and see what’s coming in ahead of time - all you have to do is review and approve!

3. Steadfast Software:

Similar to any other software a restaurant uses (POS, Ritual, UberEats, etc), if the manager leaves, the software stays with the business and its owners. When it comes time to change staff or management teams, the ChefHero app stays tied to the restaurant location and its owner.


4. Two-Step Verification:

Set various roles with pre-set permissions for 'Managers', 'Bookkeepers', and 'Staff'. Verify and approve orders placed by your ‘Staff’ before submitting them to ChefHero.


Role Permissions:

ChefHero Member Roles


  • Can add items to orders and order guides, but are unable to submit; orders must first be confirmed by a ‘Manager’ or ‘Owner’.

  • Can Receive deliveries

  • Cannot view or pay invoices, add ‘Managers’, ‘Owners’, ‘Bookkeepers’, or other ‘Staff’


  • Same permissions as ‘Staff’

  • Can view or pay invoices, add other ‘Managers’, ‘Bookkeepers’, and ‘Staff’, but cannot add or change an ‘Owner’


  • Have full access to all app features, including the ability to add a ‘Manager’, ‘Bookkeeper’, or ‘Staff’.


  • Can receive consolidated invoices directly to their inbox.

*If you do not set a specified role each member of your organization will have ‘Owner’ permissions until a different role is assigned.


Who should use ‘Member Roles’?

This feature is ideal for the busy restaurant owner with multiple staff spread over multiple businesses. If your staff are eager to assist with inventory and ordering, but require additional verification before submitting, assign this member to a ‘Staff’ role to ensure all orders are verified before being submitted. Roles is enabled with pre-set permissions for employees doing one or more of the following duties:

  • Inventory Reconciliation & Ordering

  • Receiving Shipments

  • Verifying Orders

  • Overseeing Invoices and Payments



Who should be the 'Owner'?

~ Ask your management team questions like “Could this person potentially leave the business?” If yes, assign this member to a ‘Manager’ role. ‘Owners’ are tied to the restaurant’s account and are unable to reassigned without first contacting ChefHero. This member is typically the individual who owns the entire business or corporation.

But my bookkeeper needs access to…

~ If your bookkeeper needs additional permissions beyond only viewing invoices, assign this member to a ‘Manager’ role to allow access to the majority of available features.

My 'Manager' first needs my permission to place orders…

~ Assign this member to a ‘Staff’ role instead. ‘Staff’ members are able to add to an order, but must first be verified by a ‘Manager’ or ‘Owner’ before being submitted.

My manager makes the buying decisions, not the owner...

~ The ‘Manager’ role has all the same capabilities as the ‘Owner’ role with one vitally important security feature - ‘Managers’ cannot remove an ‘Owner’. This protects the ‘Owner’ by allowing them to add and remove ‘Managers’ that are no longer with the business.

We need more roles and more granular permissions!

This is just the beginning! Another round of updates is on their way including move value for ‘Owners’, ‘Managers’, & ‘Bookkeepers’ in addition to Business and Enterprise Reporting.