Feature Update: Quick Reordering Made Easy!

You asked and we delivered!

Introducing Quick Reordering: repeatedly order the same products for your business at the click of a button.

No more adding your commonly ordered items to your cart one by one!

If you have a set of items that you order consistently week over week, simply click the reorder button below your previous order to have the same set of products delivered to your location.




How to Use the Quick Reordering Feature: 

1. View your Orders 

  • At the top of your mobile screen is a section detailing current pending orders.

  • If you do not have any active orders this will be displayed as “View my Orders”

  • Click this button to view your order history


2. Select your Order 

  • Navigate to the specific order that you would like to reorder

  • View order details to ensure this is the correct order


3. Click "Reorder"

  • Clicking the reorder button starts a new cart to this specified supplier, filled with your previous orders goods and quantities.


4. Order Adjustments (optional) 

  • View your new cart to see the in-stock items which were automatically added.

  • If your requested item is unavailable, it will not be added to your cart; please select an alternate comparable product.

  • If you have difficulty with this step please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.


5. Checkout 

  • Once you’ve reviewed your order, and added any extra required products, hit checkout as normal to select a delivery day and time.


6. Relax

  • Knowing you've just saved precious minutes with the click of a button!


Look for this feature to be rolled out to our webstore in the coming weeks!


If you have any additional questions regarding the quick reordering feature, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via web [https://chefhero.com], email [support@chefhero.com], phone [647-930-0210], or in-app chat.