Customer Spotlight: Versus Coffee

Versus Coffee has long been revered for their latte art, but they're more than just colourful beverages.  

We chatted with owner Anthony, to discuss coffee, the latte art trend, and the history of his European concept space. 

May we start with a bit about your background and the history of your business - why coffee?

[Anthony] I lived in Paris for a while before moving to Montreal and then Toronto. I’d  always had a passion for coffee, and was bored of working in finance, so I took that business experience and said what kind of thing can I open - a coffee shop just made sense to me.



What was the mentality behind how you chose to design the space?

[A] I have a friend who is an interior designer, so I asked for her help when it came to designing the space.  


What made you choose this specific location to set up shop?

[A] It actually took about two years of searching before finally signing a lease on this place. We saw quite a few different locations but this was the closest thing available to what we wanted. Even when we got here there were still quite a few things we had to adjust before we could open up. For example the space is really small and was quite dark, so we painted all the walls white and installed huge windows, to work with what we’ve got, but also open up the space a bit. It has a pretty European feel in here with the large windows and high ceilings, but from the start we always wanted to offer more than “just coffee”.


70 Adelaide St. E. 

70 Adelaide St. E. 

Some could say 2 years is a long time - what were some of the factors that caused this delay?

[A] Well the renovations took a while, but weather is a huge factor - we’re a completely different business in the winter than we are in the summer when business basically doubles.


Why do you think that is?

[A] We get pretty good foot traffic in the summer but if our location were even just a block or two closer to the towers we would get a lot more.



May I ask who you source your coffee and teas from?

[A] 49th Parallel, Hale, De Mello... At the church location we use a special blend that’s a bit darker and less acidic, which appeals to the market in that area. Right now we’re working on expanding our coffee selection to include a few more subtle varieties.


What’s your personal favourite coffee varietal?

[A] I like African coffees because they’re more complex, but the European in me also loves small espressos


Why did you choose to partner with ChefHero?

[A] Running a small business by myself, as you can imagine, i’m incredibly busy, so any application that’s able to help is very useful. With ChefHero it’s really easy to compare prices across different suppliers, and access or pay off my invoices. What’s great is being able to work on a new order from a second or third supplier while my first order is processing. If ever I have a problem there’s a reporting function right within the app, and if that doesn’t work I can always call in, which is nice. Having several options to get help is great!


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