New Chicago Produce Supplier: The Urban Canopy

ChefHero is excited to welcome The Urban Canopy to our marketplace! 


Supplier background: 

Founded in 2011, The Urban Canopy is pioneering the local food cycle to create a more sustainable and equitable food system in Chicago. They’re comprised of growers, distributors, composters and community members who are aiming to positively impact the city’s environment, health of its residents, and the local economy. The Urban Canopy strives to make healthy produce accessible to all, reduce the miles fresh food travels, keep food waste out of landfills, and create and maintain local jobs. 

The Urban Canopy delivers fresh organic produce all over the city of Chicago, and works with restaurants and organizations to supply their weekly needs for local and non-local, certified organic produce.

Products and categories offered:

  • Organic produce

Order minimums: 

  • $100 minimum across all Chicago

Delivery dates: 

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • 5PM cut off time for next day delivery

If you’d like to add The Urban Canopy to your ChefHero store, please contact your account manager or get in touch with ChefHero Support. 

Chris ArnettComment