New Ontario Beverage Supplier: Ontarieau Sparkling Water

ChefHero is excited to welcome Ontarieau to our marketplace! 

Welcome Ontarieau!

Supplier background: 

Why should we have to ship water in from Italy or France, when Ontario alone holds 1/5 of the earth’s freshwater supply, and is the purest source of spring water in the world?

Ontarieau is a local, responsibly sourced and produced independent provider of award winning sparkling water.

In fact, it’s the only fresh Ontario spring water available on the market.

Beginning as a charitable fundraising endeavour, Ontarieau founder Adam Kagan soon took the brand full time in order to satisfy increasing demand from satisfied customers all across the province. Featuring completely sustainable, recycled materials and a low carbon footprint, Ontarieau offers the purest local spring water available in the market.

Products offered:

Order minimums: 

  • Downtown Toronto Core — $150

  • Mississauga — $200

  • GTA — $200

  • Niagara — $400

  • Barrie — $ 350

Delivery dates: 

  • Monday - Friday

  • 5 PM pm cut off time for next day delivery

If you’d like to add Ontarieau to your ChefHero store, please contact your account manager or get in touch with
ChefHero Support. 

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