Market Update—Dec 12th - 25th, 2018

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Top 100 American restaurants. Food prices increasing in 2019. Facebook says everyone wants to be healthier. Check out this week’s roundup of the best stories we found to keep you aware, informed and successful, or read on first for the latest produce market pricing news.

Produce Report


Product of the Week

⇣ 18%

This week plum tomato prices fell across all of our suppliers. While prices remain higher than seasonal average due to ongoing weather issues, plum tomatoes are down week over week. Grab an extra case while the price is good!

Pricing trends are an aggregate of all our vendors.

What information are we basing this report on? Our team is always in contact with our network, from our dedicated suppliers, to our own reps with their ears on the street. 


Weekly Savings 


⇣ 18%

Broccoli Crowns

⇣ 12%

Green Peppers

⇣ 11%


Pricing Alerts

Red Peppers

⇡ 16%

celery 24 count.jpg

⇡ 16%

Yellow Peppers

⇡ 14%


What's in Season Right Now? 


Market Updates, News, and Trends

1) Open Table Releases the 100 Best Restaurants in America in 2018

Open Table analyzed over 12,000,000 reviews of more than 28,000 restaurants spanning the country to put the list together. Good news for the abundance of Chicago restaurants that made it to the list this year!

You can take a look at the full list here to get inspiration for your own establishment!

2) Food Prices Could Rise 3.5% in 2019

According to an annual study of food prices, the price of food could increase by up to 3.5% in 2019. However, for restaurants that offer meat and seafood options, these prices are projected to fall as more North Americans adopt plant-based diets.

You can take a look at highlights from the report in a recent CBC article here. Learn about why the shift in price is happening and how to best plan your menu for the new year.


3)  Facebook data shows growing interest in health

In Facebook IQ’s second annual “Topics and Trends Report,” saw that specific conversations are increasing among their users, including topics around international and healthy foods. Facebook data says that most people are working to make healthy food taste as good as classic favourites, replacing elements of traditional cuisines with health-conscious alternatives.

Take a look at key findings from the report here.

Check back in two weeks for another update!

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