Market Update— Sept 15th to Sept 28th, 2018

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Germ-y touchscreen devices. Exceptional customer service. When it comes to protein, there’s a new sheriff in town: plant-based meat alternatives.  Check out this week’s roundup of the best stories we found to keep you aware, informed and successful, or read on first for the latest produce market pricing news.

Produce Report


Product of the Week

⇣ 21%

For the second week in a row, red pepper prices continue to fall across all of our suppliers. Once again, this is due to an overlap in supply from domestic and international suppliers. Take advantage of the price drop!

Pricing trends are an aggregate of all our vendors.

What information are we basing this report on? Our team is always in contact with our network, from our dedicated suppliers, to our own reps with their ears on the street. 


Weekly Savings 

Yellow Peppers

⇣ 15%

Crownless Pineapples

⇣ 14%

Bakers Potatoes

⇣ 10%


Pricing Alerts

English Cucumbers

⇡ 49%


⇡ 21%

Green Zucchini.png

⇡ 20%


What's in Season Right Now? 


Market Updates, News, and Trends


1) Food safety: How clean are your restaurant’s touchscreen devices?

A University of Arizona study shows that cellphones and tablets host as many as 25,000 germs per square inch, which is 500x the level found on the average public toilet seat.

The digital revolution may make it easier and more fun to process orders through, when done by either the server or consumer. But, these devices shouldn’t be an overlooked source of potential cross-contamination.

Take a look at this recent Food Safety News article and ask yourself, how clean are your restaurant’s touchscreen devices? Don’t worry— if you don’t like your answers, they offer some practical tips to get your tech where it needs to be.


2) Customer service goes beyond a smile

Welcome to the age of customer service, where excellence is no longer a nice surprise—it’s an expectation.

In fact, restaurants with exceptional customer service can experience a 216% increase in revenue for going above and beyond.

From re-learning the basics to creating a customer-centric atmosphere in your restaurant, this blog will give you the building blocks to help you take your customer service to the next level.


3)  According to FoodDive, Perdue farms joins the pack of suppliers targeting plant-based meat alternatives.

Perdue is the latest meat and poultry producer to recognize that plan-based meat alternatives are no longer a niche alternative but a powerhouse category.

According to Nielson and the Plant Based Foods Association, plant-based alternative sales during the past year totalled $670 million. That’s a 24% jump from the previous year. This industry is forecasted to grow by 17% annually, reaching $863 million by 2021.

Does your current menu include plant-based meat alternatives?


Check back in two weeks for another update!

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