Market Update— Sept 29th to Oct 12th, 2018

At  ChefHero we’re all about sharing the great insights we come across on a weekly basis.

American tapas. All you need to know about Instagram marketing. Cannabis legalization and what that means for you.  Check out this week’s roundup of the best stories we found to keep you aware, informed and successful, or read on first for the latest produce market pricing news.

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⇣ 11%

This week crownless pineapple prices fell across all our suppliers due to an excess of supply. Take advantage of the price drop!

Pricing trends are an aggregate of all our vendors.

What information are we basing this report on? Our team is always in contact with our network, from our dedicated suppliers, to our own reps with their ears on the street. 


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Red Peppers

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⇣ 6%


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Green Peppers

⇡ 11%

Green Zucchini
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⇡ 10%

Romaine Lettuce

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Market Updates, News, and Trends


1) This Boston-based chef is winning over guests with fun, affordable “American Tapas”

Diners don’t always want a full meal. Sometimes a drink and a snack or two are all that a customer needs, and that’s okay.

A recent Nation’s Restaurant News article interviews two different state side chefs on how they’re winning over guests with the snacking approach to their restaurants. As they say, “speed and a little creativity are key.”


2) The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing for Restaurants

How many times have you sat down at a restaurant and taken a picture of your food? Or seen someone else take a picture of their food?

Chances are, that picture is going up on Instagram, Facebook, or some other social media platform.

In a recent article on the ChefHero blog, we walk you several actionable strategies that you can implement for your restaurants Instagram account to bring more people through your doors.

3)  Restaurants in the Weeds: Are you Ready for Cannabis Legalization?

To all Canadians, October 17 is fast approaching. But how will that affect your establishment?

Restaurants Canada has been consulting with all levels of government across the country to ensure that foodservice customers, workers and operators will have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, and what can and can’t happen with cannabis once it’s legalized.

You can take a look at their breakdown here.  Not there yet in terms of legislation? Some speculate changes are less than a year away in states like Illinois, so it’s never to early to consider some of the possible changes on the horizon.


Check back in two weeks for another update!

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