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Leavoy Rowe


Who: Leavoy Rowe

What: A wide variety of meat products ranging from prime beef cuts, to poultry, to unique and uncommon game, Leavoy Rowe has hundreds of products to service your business

How we work together: With a reputation deserving of more than a decade committed to quality, service and safety, our partner Leavoy Rowe brings a wide variety of options to our customers, including; local Ontario sourced and internationally recognized products, select deli meats, antibiotic-free and Halal options, and everything in between.  

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Who: Seacore Seafood

What: Servicing the Southern Ontario region since 1987, Seacore provides ChefHero customers with the highest standard of seafood, fresh or frozen. With a huge selection of in-house cut fillets, live and prepared seafood and even premium caviar, as a trusted partner Seacore never disappoints. 

How we work together: Seacore's direct-from-the-source, family owned operation is a perfect fit for the ChefHero platform, allowing us to provide you with the  seafood ingredients you need to deliver the best tasting meals to your customers. 

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