How much can ChefHero save you?



Avg Spend: $650 /mo

  • Service Fee (3%): $20 /mo



Avg Spend: $2,000 /mo

  • Service Fee (3%): $60 /mo



Avg Spend: $17,000 /mo

  • Service Fee (3%): $510 /mo

Why does a marketplace have a service fee?

How does ChefHero make money?

It’s one of the first questions we’re usually asked.

To cover costs of maintaining the marketplace and to continue to drive innovations to pass onto our customers, ChefHero charges a 3% fee per order.

For most restaurants, this amounts to about $5 to $15—significantly less than savings we pass on to our customers, who on average save between 10% and 15% with our supply partners compared to their current vendors.

Want to see exactly how this would work for you? Reach out today and one of our dedicated reps will help put together a quote for your business so you know exactly what to expect.


Pricing details are defined as averages and for illustrative purposes only, based on current service fees (3%), market prices and average weekly / monthly orders. Savings reported based on 10% savings vs. current wholesale suppliers as reported by current customers. For additional details, and to get specific price quotes for your business, please contact us for a personalized and up to date quote.