Notice: Some romaine lettuce products temporarily delisted - April 16, 2018

Due to recent concerns in the United States surrounding romaine lettuce and a possible food safety issue affecting romaine products grown in Yuma, Arizona, we have decided to temporarily remove any romaine products originating from this region from our online marketplace, effective immediately.  

Why are you removing products? 

We have decided to temporarily de-list these items as a precaution until such a time that we have been assured of the complete safety of these products. 

At this time, we have received no reports of food safety incidents associated with products sold through our marketplace. As the situation develops we will continue to monitor and assess to ensure the highest standards of safety for our customers. 

Was any of my lettuce affected?

Our customer success team has already reached out to all customers who ordered romaine originating from the Yuma region before publication of this statement. If we haven't reached out, we have no reason to suspect your order was affected. If you have further questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us by replying to this email. 

I need romaine lettuce. What can I do? 

All remaining romaine available in the ChefHero marketplace is sourced from California, a region that has not been reported as affected by this food safety issue. 

We will continue to stock all other romaine lettuce products across all suppliers that have originated from unaffected regions. These are available for order through our platform as normal.

Individuals should use their own discretion when choosing products and consider substitutions based on their level of comfort. We are monitoring the situation and reports and will continue to update you with any relevant developments. 

- Brody Slacer
ChefHero Head of Vendor Success


Questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out via email or contact us at (647)-930-0210 anytime.